¿Cómo se dice ´Gosh´ en español? Amigos, Gosh es una palabra en iglés.
Feb 10, 2012 8:29 AM
Answers · 7
Gosh!. En Español es una interjección que significa: ¡Caramba!, ¡Vaya!, ¡Cielos!, ¡Dios mío!
February 10, 2012
I think your word is misspelled or it has a mistake. It is God = Dios, or it's Ghost = fantasma, espanto, espíritu, espectro
February 10, 2012
Gosh means ¡Dios! literally, but I live in Chile and we don't say Gosh! (¡Dios!) or Oh my god! (¡Dios mío!). In Chile we say ¡¡¡Ooo Mira!!! (Oh look!) or ¡Casha eso! (¡Look at that!) Gosh significa ¡Dios! literalmente, pero yo vivo en Chile y no decimos Gosh! (¡Dios!) o Oh my god! (¡Dios mío!). In chile we say ¡¡¡Ooo Mira!!! (Oh look!) o ¡Casha eso! (¡Look at that!) chaito :D
February 10, 2012
Gosh is an expression that comes from "God". The americans invented it because they are strong believers, and the Bible says that you should not say the name of God in vain... thats why they deform the name to say it. Its like Jeez, which comes from Jesus. In spanish you have many ways to say the same thing, like "Dios mio", "Vaya", "Wow" o "Cielos". Hope its clear... if u have more doubts, then write to me.
February 13, 2012
Bueno habia unas caricaturas asiaticas del Goku y ahí habia un personaje que se llamaba Gosh.
February 10, 2012
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