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Fenton Benton 麻雀虽小,五脏俱全!
What does "line" literally mean here? Thanks "put his ass on the line" or "put his neck on the line for me", please give me an idea what that line is all about?
Feb 10, 2012 12:03 PM
Answers · 3
Both of these phrases refer to putting your self in a difficult or dangerous position for the sake of somebody else, such as owning up to doing something you did not do, to save somebody else being in trouble hence" putting your neck on the line" The "line " may refer to a time when people would have to put their neck in a certain position to have their heads chopped off !
February 10, 2012
"put his neck on the line for me" >>> willing to risk one's life for someone.
May 4, 2012
It's very hard to understand the meaning of the sentences,maybe you can show me the context,It will be helpful.
February 10, 2012
Fenton Benton 麻雀虽小,五脏俱全!
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