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Is correct "Do we connect?"
2012년 2월 12일 오전 12:37
Answers · 4
I think this is a very appropriate way to ask "are we a match in your opinion?" Very nice way of saying that.
2012년 2월 12일
It depends on the context. Without additional context, I think you are asking "¿nos gustamos?,¨ ¨¿nos caemos bien?¨ o ¨¿nos interesamos?¨ I think you mean ¨¿podemos estar en contacto?,¨ which has many translations, for example: -"Can we connect?" (Near literal, but uncommon) -"Let's be in touch?" (colloquial) Hopefully others will contribute.
2012년 2월 12일
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2014년 5월 13일
Yes, it's correct.
2012년 2월 12일
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