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i dont have lessons || i have no lessons || When i should use - "dont" and "have no"? One more example: i dont have a car || i have no car || confusing
12 févr. 2012 07:37
Answers · 6
There are countable and non-countable nouns. It sometimes sounds best to keep non-countable nouns with 'have no', while countable with 'do not have any.' This, I think is an aesthetic choice rather than a rule. We have no bread - He has no money - They have no class We do not have any spoons left - We do not have a ride today - We do not have any arrows in the quiver.
14 février 2012
Correction: I don't have any lessons and I don't have a car. Here's a video explaining it to you
12 février 2012
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