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A question What do these words mean? Jakkuman Nuga Sipeo Hajima And also when is 'ajima' added to a word like kajima is it like do/do'nt, and the same with hamnida is it just added to make it sound polite
Feb 12, 2012 9:56 AM
Answers · 3
Here you go.^^/ 1.Jakkuman = 자꾸만(over and over) ("만" is used to emphasize "자꾸") 2.Nuga = 누가(=who) as a subject 3.Sipeo = 싶어 = to want to do something 4.Hajima = 하지마 = don't..... 5.Gajima = 가지마 = don't go Verb stem + 지마 = don't.... 먹다 = to eat / 먹지마 = don't eat 하다 = to do / 하지마 = don't do 6. 이다(the copula verb, acts like be-verb) 입니다(formal, polite) 이에요/예요(informal) e.g. I am Natalis. = 저는 나탈리스 + 입니다(formal, polite) = 저는 나탈리스 + 예요(informal, polite a bit) = 난 나탈리스 + 야(informal, not polite) \^o^/
February 12, 2012
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