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Can you correct this sentence please 你教过孩子们吗?我的儿子九岁,他很喜欢学习中文, 可是他不太专心。你与多动的孩子有经验吗?你用什么方法教小孩?一节课多少钱?你给一堂测试课便宜一点吗?
Feb 12, 2012 3:48 PM
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February 12, 2012
he is only 9 years old , should play more, but best time period to learn language is from 0-8. After 14 years old, learning a language requires much more effort.
February 13, 2012
纠正:你教过孩子们吗?我的儿子九岁,他很喜欢学习中文, 可是他不太专心。(前面这些都是正确的)你与多动的孩子有经验吗(应该说:你有教过多动孩子的经验吗)?你用什么方法教小孩?(这句正确)一节课多少钱?(这句正确)你给一堂测试课便宜一点吗?(应该说:你的第一堂测试课可以便宜点吗?) 回答:我在做学生的时候,有过给外国的小孩做家教,然后发现外国的小孩都很活泼好动,思维也比较灵活,所以大概在我的或者中国人眼中,绝大多数的外国小孩都有多动的习惯。这些还好啦,只要有耐心。不过我现在不做这些,所以后面的问题不好回答你了,建议你去问专门做孩子辅导的老师,相信他们会有一套教小孩子中文的经验。
February 13, 2012
only the last sentence has a bit problem, if you could correct it as: 你上一堂测试课可以便宜一点吗?because give lesson, in chinese the verb is 上. 上课=give lesson. the rests are all soooooooo fine, even i say so exactly. whoever say that it could be better are just being too picky...
February 12, 2012
你教过孩子们吗?我的儿子九岁,他很喜欢学习中文, 可是他不太专心。你有教好动的孩子的经验吗?你用什么方法教小孩?一节课多少钱?你一堂测试课可以算便宜一点吗? you must point out what kind of experience with the children, i think you mean teaching here, otherwise the sentence will be unclear and strange. And you cant use 给 here, 给 means give,
February 12, 2012
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