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How do you say I can/ I can't? I want to know w to say ... I can I can't And .... I want to say Swim Cook Draw Run Walk Clean Jump Live Die Sit Stand Lay Play Sorry there is a long list XD If you can think of any more useful words I would be very grateful c: THANKS!!!
Feb 12, 2012 5:04 PM
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I agree with jon, but considering her age, I think she needs somebody who can make a study plan for her. However, here goes.^^/ 1. I can do something = 저는 something을/를 할 수있어요. 2. I can't do something = 저는 something을/를 할 수없어요. 3. to swim = 수영하다 4. to cook = 요리하다 5. to draw = 그리다 6. to run = 달리다 7. to walk = 걷다 8. to clean = 청소하다 9. to jump = 뛰다 10. to live = 살다 11. to die = 죽다 12. to sit = 앉다 13. to stand = 서다 14. to lay oneself = 눕다 15. to play = 놀다 16. to wake up = (잠에서) 깨어나다 17. to get up = 일어나다 18. to brush your teeth = 양치질하다 19. to wash your face = 세수하다 20. to dress up = 옷입다 21. to go to school = 학교가다 22. to meet friends = 친구를 만나다 23. to take a class = 수업받다 24. to have a chat = 수다떨다 25. to have lunch = 점심먹다 26. to get home = 집에 도착하다 Try describing what happened today with simple sentences. \^o^/
February 14, 2012
I've seen you ask a lot of basic questions. Have you heard about You can learn most basic stuff there for free. Here's a lesson about can / can't: And you can use a dictionary for individual words like those you listed.
February 12, 2012
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