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Ekaterina Sivertseva
how to say "i think that " in italian? I`m interested in construction of "that" in italian. For example i want to say "i know that you are clever". How should i act?
Feb 12, 2012 10:06 PM
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/clever/ has two meanings in English, which in Italian are with different words: a) bravo (positive meaning) b) furbo (negative meaning) Penso che tu sia {bravo, furbo} (depending upon the context) Note that /pensare/ usually needs the conjunctive mode, but also indicative mode could do the job: Penso che tu sei {bravo, furbo} Or, completely changing the form, but not the meaning: Ti reputo {bravo, furbo}
February 12, 2012
"I think that" in italian is "io penso che" "I know that" is "io so che" that in this case is translated as "che"
February 12, 2012
pronome relativo: (as subject, object) che, il quale, la quale, i quali, le quali; (with preposition) il quale, la quale, i quali, le quali, cui; the woman that won----> la donna che ha vinto; the book that I bought --->il libro che ho comprato; the house that they live in---> la casa in cui vivono; the day that she arrived---> il giorno in cui arrivò
February 12, 2012
Ekaterina Sivertseva
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