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Those who have learned a language as an adult... What do you say to this? This is not really an "English" question. But I do want input from everyone.. I am learning Mandarin from a friend. I am picking up words surprisingly fast. I am doing this by connecting sounds of the words to images and similar sounding English words. Will this eventually become a harder way to learn as my mind begins to get jumbled with dozens of images and hundreds of word relationships? Or is this going to continue to be the best way to learn? Will my progress decrees or continue rapidly?
Feb 13, 2012 4:58 AM
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Hi, Jesse. I appreciate your way of forming a picture in your mind for every new Chinese word, which must be the immension learning of a language. However, I kind of doubt about the means of finding a similar pronunciation in English. There are huge differences in the pronunciation between English and Chinese. Besides, in this way, you will still try to learn Chinese with the help of English, which is opposite to your purpose of drawing pictures for the words. In my opinion, if you find it difficult to memorize the sound of Chinese characters, it is better for you to try to memorize some very easy and basic characters firstly, and then to connect the new charecters with the one that has the same pronunciation and you have already known. You will find out that there are many groups of characters, with similar pronunciations and similar looks, even their meaning have close relationship. In fact, they are called 形声字 in Chinese. I hope this will be helpful to you.
February 13, 2012
Hi Jesse, First I would say you are following the right and natural path....sometimes it is easier for us to remember words by connecting sounds of the words to images(I call it "creating a conditioned response") ...thought I would say no if you do that by finding words that sound alike unless they have the same meaning, I don't think there are many words fit into that category.That would be great if you'd like to share some with us what Chinese words or phrases you have learned sound pretty much the same as English words with similar meanings .... Here are some examples I can come up with at the moment..... Fortune-----福(Fu) Annoying---闹挺(Naoting) However your symptoms tell me that you are suffering from indigestion due to eating too fast and too much, you Need to Diet :-)
February 13, 2012
My experience (having used similar devices for vocabulary building) is that once you start using those words often (and not as part of a memorisation exercise!), you will gradually let go of those connections as the words spring to mind naturally. The key, of course, is to practice conversation regularly even if you feel you don't yet have the vocabulary.
February 13, 2012
well i dont think thts a gud way of learning a language. cuz there are a lot of pronunciation which are unique in chinese. if u only memorize it by using a similar sound in english u'll never get to the level of sounding like a native speaker. and you can only KNOW this word by connecting the word with the exact item, not a certain image or similar sound. for me im learning arabic right now, it sounds so strange that i cant connect it with any language i've learned, in that case i have to memorize it by itself. hope this would help answering ur question.
February 13, 2012
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