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What does "with a high hand" mean? Can you use it in a sentence? and "with a heavy hand" the same meaning?
14 de feb de 2012 8:53
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No, it means to have a superior attitude, to think you are better than others,we often say such people are on their high horse .
14 de Febrero de 2012
This is a phrase that has changed over the last decades. High hand is now called "a heavy hand" or "heavy handed". These terms mean 'to be stern." The teacher was heavy handed with the class; she backed here rules with authority and harsh punishments.
14 de Febrero de 2012
I'm not sure, as you'll need more context for this phrase. with a high hand = arrogantly However, "with a high hand" can also mean "with an advantage" (think of a game of cards). "High-handedly" is a slightly different meaning: without consideration of others, or an overbearing attitude. with a heavy hand = severely, harshly. You're likely to use the verb "to deal" with these expressions (another card-game reference, of course, even if you're not deliberately using such an analogy).
14 de Febrero de 2012
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