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How do I say...? I want to say in korean: "I have good friends." / "I have funny friends." Thanks (:
Feb 14, 2012 11:12 PM
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저는 좋은 친구들이 (많이) 있어요. [juh-neun jo-eun chin-gu-deu-ri (ma-ni) i-ssuh-yo] 저는 재미있는 친구들이 (많이) 있어요. [juh-neun jae-mi-it-neun chin-gu-deu-ri (ma-ni) i-ssuh-yo] (많이) is many Have is normally 가지고 있다. but you can't say with people like that sentence in Korean. (friend, family etc)
February 15, 2012
"I have good friends." -나는 좋은 친구들이 있어요. "I have funny friends." - 나는 재미있는 친구들이 있어요.
February 15, 2012
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