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hola a todos!!! which is the correct word is used in Korean, I'm confused 자켓 / 재킷 신발 / 구두 원피스 / 드레스 배:stomach 배:pear
Feb 15, 2012 3:50 AM
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You have to understand that those words are English word :) so you can use both of 자켓 / 재킷 But, normally used 자켓. 신발 : All kind of shoes (sneakers, high heels and so on) 구두 : normally Korean used this word, High heels and dress shoes... so 신발>구두, 신발 is more bigger group then 구두. 원피스 : One piece 드레스 : Dress ... That mean is same. But Korean used that word likes 드레스 is more luxurious, elegant 원피스 is casual dress 배 has quite a lot of means! Stomach, Ship, pear... So, when you want to say 'pear', you can say 먹는 배(eat) if you want to say 'ship', you can say 타는 배(take/ride) if you want to say 'stomach', you can touch your stomach(lol) or you can say 사람의 배(Human's)
February 15, 2012
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