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Mistakes as a teenager effecting my mindset today..... So I was a teenager, I made mistakes. A couple big mistakes, though it passed like anything else..though, one mistake I made will not pass as easily for me. Like the stereotypical teenager, I took French in high school. My mom is semi-fluent in French and I casually introduced myself to the language. Though I had made a mistake with a young boy, I was a young lady---and even today I don't want to bring myself to speaking French, even though I'm pretty good at it and I admit I like it a little....kind of. Would you think it would be wrong if I continued to learn it even after a bad experience? I just feel weird speaking this language after a 'bad, online yes, romance'. I was the one to leave this young boy anyway, and I still feel weird. I was so silly to begin with, but you live and learn I'm almost certainly being silly now asking but would you think it would be wrong to go about speaking this language? I feel it's wrong for some reason...and go ahead and tell me your personal story to make me feel less embarrassed please
Feb 15, 2012 5:31 AM
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Guess what. You did not make a mistake with a young boy. All you did was live part of your life. The embarrassment you feel, just because your somebody found out (or whatever- nobody including myself care about your embarrassing situation) doesn't mean it was a wrong thing. You both are just people doing (believe it or not) what people do. The computer adds no shame. In time you will see this as one of many tiny situations you were once in - Not one big important mistake as you see it now. It isn't big. It isn't important... Well, you will see it that way some day. So, now, maybe you know already if I think you should speak French or not. Answer ; If you feel like it.
February 15, 2012
Oh brother!
February 15, 2012
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