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vowel length in AmE vs. BrE I've learned that in American English it works like follows: vowels are pronounced longer in stressed syllables and they are shorter if the syllable is unstressed. Vowels are also shorter if they are foolowed by an unvoiced consonant (for example "feed" is pronounced longer than "feet"). How about British English? Do these rules apply also in British English or is it just an American peculiarity? Thanks a lot for your advice!
2012年2月15日 17:26
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From my view, it's not just "an American thing". One of the biggest difficulties I have with pronouncing Czech or Slovak is that I always stress the long syllables out of habit (ie. not the first syllable; especially when the second syllable is long, I weaken the first syllable. Bah!!). That's one habit I need to break. :)
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