在这个句子里“印刷”可作宾语用吗? 在这个复杂的句子 “方括弧,中括号符号之一,用于托住一手写或印刷或标明被视作单一数量单位的数字表达式” 中,“印刷” 那个词是名词或形容词吗?如果名词意思是 “印刷资料”吗?如果形容词这个形容词短语“用于托住一手写或印刷”有没有宾语?谢谢你的回答。
Feb 15, 2012 7:41 PM
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I believe we just got another good example why online translators are bad and too "literal". I did some search and all I could find is the following: One of a pair of marks, [ ], used to enclose written or printed material or to indicate a mathematical expression considered in some sense a single quantity. (Then your Chinese sentence) Pretty obvious, this is for people learning Chinese, routine C-E reading. The awkward "托住" is the literal translation for "enclose", appropriate in English, but not Chinese. So similarly that explains why the entire Chinese sentence doesn't make too much sense. As you probably already figured, "印刷" is meant to correspond to "printed", which's an adj. But no. If you want to say, "printed material", then it's "打印(的)资料/材料", "印刷(的)资料/材料", the "的" is optional, but the situation is a little more complicated than in English, it could cause ambiguity outta context. esp "打印/印刷材料", it practically sounds more like the stuff used to print, like ink and paper. Also, if you take it as an action (without 的), it then could mean "to print material". But here is the real problem: Both "打印/印刷-资料/材料" practically mean the actual files/paper, not the content/articles you use brackets to enclose. I mean never. So in other words, if you want to say "printed content", "specific paragraphs in a printed book", you could say, "印刷(的)内容/部分/文字/段落/etc" (printed "content"/"part"/"words"/"paragraphs"/etc, ie be specific). Further, "印刷" is (more) often used to refer to the industry (the Press and publishing 印刷业, so "印刷" is what they do with their huge machines every day), whereas you use "打印", that's what you do with your HP printer beside your PC. We say "复印", that's "photocopy/print", which the Taiwanese like to call "影印" sometimes instead, but that sounds strange to a lot of the mainlanders. And my comment above.
February 15, 2012
So, this is a sentence translated by some software.....When coming to translating machine, there are alway weired surprises. :) By the way, "单一" means " single " or " unitary "-----单纯的、唯一的 。例如: 产品种类单一是这家工厂的最大弊病,如不尽快改善,将会很快被市场淘汰。
February 16, 2012
February 23, 2012
手写的资料或者印刷的资料(shou xie de zi liao huo zhe yin shua de zi liao )
February 18, 2012
February 16, 2012
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