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안녕하세요!저기요~How do you say ''feel like+verb'' in korean?? for example if you want to say i feel like watching a movie ''영화를 볼래요'' is it correct? and the negative sentence ''영화를 안 볼래요'' ? 감사합니다!!^^
Feb 15, 2012 7:54 PM
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Yes, it's acceptable, but I'd say... "(갑자기) 영화가 보고 싶어졌어" and "영화는 (별로) 보고 싶지 않아" for the negation.^^/ (to feel = ... 하고 싶다/...하고 싶은 생각(or 느낌)이 들다) Also, you could hear the slangy expression for "to feel like ~ ing" 갑자기 영화가 땡기네. (....이/가 땡기다) 영화는 별로 안 땡겨. (...은/는 안 땡기다 ^^/) \^o^/
February 15, 2012
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