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Time Schedules I just applied to be an online English teacher, and when I set my time, I just want to know what time zone is this based on? I am in Toronto Canada, and we are 6 hours behind Europe, 5 hours behind the U.K. I set the schedule based on CET and just subtracted 6 hours.
2012年2月15日 20:01
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Hi Mimi, you don't have to worry about what time it's in. Once you set your local time your schedule will be filled in with your local time. All students book times in their local time because the the page they see with your schedule has their local times with no indication of what your local time is. So, The time conversion is handled by Italki.
You should use the time zone you are in. The hours are automatically adjusted for your students. If it is 2:00 for you in may appear 8:00 for your students if they are 6 hour ahead - or 10:00 for those 6 hours behind. Keep it simple and create a schedule around your students needs, but with the time zone you are in. It works.
When creating an iTalkie account users have enter their time zone. Also when applying as a teacher you have to enter your time zone. So I recommend to set your schedule based on the timezone you entered when applying as a teacher. I.e. change your schedule because now I guess people expect you to teach 6 hours before you meant to.
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