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english..what it mean? thrust-lunge-recover
15 Şub 2012 21:48
Answers · 5
At first I thought it was something else (!!), but no, it's definitely fencing! ;)
15 Şubat 2012
They are fencing terms. Thrust -an attack made by moving the sword parallel to its length and landing with the point. Lunge - an attack made by straightening the rear leg and landing on the bent front leg. Recover - returning to the normal on guard position.
15 Şubat 2012
Thrust-Lunge-Recover are all moves that are part of fencing. Fencing is a sport using bladed weapons
15 Şubat 2012
thrust sth behind/into/through, etc › to push something somewhere suddenly and with force recover > to become healthy or happy again after an illness, injury, or period of sadness >If a system or situation recovers, it returns to the way it was before something bad happened. >› to get something back that has been lost or stolen
15 Şubat 2012
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