Position of a tongue when pronouncing ㅈ Hi, lately I realized I have a serious problem pronouncing ㅈ correctly. While my korean friends say I pronounce ㅊ and ㅉ well, they say I often pronounce ㅈ as ㅊ. So I'm trying to figure out what is it that I'm doing wrong. Where tongue is located when you pronounce this sound? If somebody have pictures in relation to Korean sound pronunciation, that would be even better! Please help. ><
Feb 17, 2012 4:16 AM
Answers · 5
Can you pronounce things in English well? If so, I think this is as close as it gets if we compare it to English. Jar = ㅈ Char = ㅊ
February 17, 2012
February 19, 2012
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