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how do you explain the phrase of "play pretend"?
17 lut 2012 14:31
Answers · 4
This is the same as some children's game, "play make believe".
17 lutego 2012
Is a children's game. You pretend you are a princess and I will be the prince. May lead to playing Doctor.
17 lutego 2012
As grown ups we call this role playing or acting. It is to take on a persona: Imagining someone you are not. Children almost exclusively enjoy being people they admire in some way, either positive roles, or powerfully evil ones. In pretend, children may or may not have these roles themselves, they can use toys instead.
17 lutego 2012
It's mostly used by little kids to mean that they want to play a game, pretending their in some crazy situation or place.
17 lutego 2012
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