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What do you think about it? This is my laptop: I have bought it recently. I use it to surf the net and save my documents, tests, project work, dictionaries, e-books, etc. But I have noticed that my dictionaries take time to open. Also, I have to wait some minutes before I start browsing some web pages. Is it because it is a notebook? I felt happy when I bought it but now I'm thinking of buying another laptop because I need a useful one that can accept any software or programme. What do you think of the one I'm using now? Should I buy another one? Can you suggest another useful one, please?
Feb 17, 2012 3:37 PM
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It is not because it is a notebook. I also use notebook. I agree, the model itself is good. It has good parameters (1.5-GHz dual-core processor Intel Atom, 2 GB of RAM and video-accelerator Broadcom Crystal HD, which allows video playback format 1080p, a hard disk with capacity of 250 GB.) If I'm not mistaken it has the "Windows" operating system that accepts majority software or programmes. So I think you don't need more powerfull computer if you only don't want to install some video games or newest programs for editing audio and video which requires more powerfull processor than 1.5-GHz processor and RAM bigger than 2 GB. Most dictionaries don't require more powerfull processor than 1.5-GHz processor and RAM bigger than 2 GB. Dictionaries have big files with words and also many different functions and it is clear why it takes time to open them. In my notebook it takes 1.5 minutes to open 1 very big but very good dictionary. This problem appears only during the opening. But I think that you don't have problems with speed when you search for words in dictionaries. With this notebook you don't need to have problems with browsing web pages. If you have to wait some minutes before you start browsing some web pages it can mean that 1) this web page is overladen ( has very many users and all these users have problems with browsing this web page). 2) you don't have enough internet speed and most probably because of your local Internet Operator. You need to have at least 0.3 Mbps download speed. You can make a speedtest here 3) you don't use fast browser. I use Mozilla Firefox, free fast web browser
February 17, 2012
my lap top is the same as yours, and i'm facing the same problem, but i don't think that you should buy another one , may be it's slower in browsing because you use a slow browser or a slow interne connection like (USB) , in addition the notbook rams are less than any laptop . maybe there is a virus harmed ur laptop so it became slower .
February 17, 2012
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