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"Who cracked anyway?" I don't know what crack exactly means in this. 5. Lynette: Oh, didn't have a good time? Tom: "Okay. You know, drop the act! I know you gave them cookies." Lynette: "Oh! Who cracked, anyway?" Tom: "Porter. -> "Who 'cracked' anyway?" I guess this means that Porter was the noisiest kid in Tom's mind. How about that? Tell me more specifically please :D
18. Feb 2012 06:44
Answers · 5
I think that in this conversation, "cracked" means "gave in." So Porter gave in to giving away cookies.
18. Februar 2012
cracked means to tell someone the secret. so if me and 5 of my friends were doing something we shouldnt and one of them tells what we did, we would say that person cracked
18. Februar 2012
Thank you all!!!!!!!!!
18. Februar 2012
Ah, Desperate Housewives! It's very hard to know the intended meaning here without more context.
18. Februar 2012
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