So Min
Can someone give me...? I have asked a question about markers in Korean before and someone suggested seeing them used in context so I want to ask a big favor Can someone give me lots of simple sentences and a few harder sentences using 을/를 이/가 + 은/는 or do you know of any good books and websites? Can you give me sentences that are wrong and right but tell me why they are wrong I think not being able to understand how to use markers is holding Me back on being able to speak Korean :/ I know it is a lot but I would be sooo grateful I think I need to stop trying to understand how to use them and just use them because I think when I try to understand it just confused me : c So yeah ... Can some people give me lots of sentences that are right and wrong using Korean markers and explain why they are like it and what there use in the sentence is and maybe even a literally translation to explain it a bit more Sorry for the long question I just really need some help T.T Any help or info would be fantastic ! Please help XD THANKS!!!!
Feb 19, 2012 9:24 AM
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I just posted an answer to your previous question and saw this one. xD
February 19, 2012
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