What's the differ: <As vs When vs While> he sees her, ~~~ Please click here! - What's the differ: #1: MIKE runs past, stops a distance away from SUSAN as he sees her. -> The script reads "as" but I think "as" could be interchangeable with "when", and "while." #2: Carlos trims his nose hairs while Gabrielle puts lotion on herself. -> Yes, a same question. "The sentence written above reads "while" but I think "while" also could be alternated to "as" or "when." Do they have any slight difference? If so or not so, please explain to me about them. Thank you so much!!!! XD
Feb 19, 2012 10:47 AM
Answers · 2
In the context you have quoted, the word "as" is a conjunction like "when" or "while". The words "while" and "when" have a subtle difference in the sense that "while" has the idea of "during", a more elongated time. In your quotation #1, "while" could not be used in place of "as", but "when" could be. In the second example, "as" could be substituted for "while".
February 19, 2012
"The script reads 'as' but I think 'as' could be interchangeable with 'when', and 'while.'" ...sorry, but this is the problem right here. You're making assumptions about how the language works before fully understanding the rules. For a simple explanation, think of it this way: as = at the same moment when = the actions go in sequence. The second action follows the first action; not at the same moment. If you use "when" in the first sentence, it means Michael stops in reaction to (ie. after) seeing Susan. while = as Randy has pointed out, we have a longer timeframe here. Pretty obvious. Yes, there are a couple of possible overlaps, but assuming the words are all interchangeable is a huge mistake.
February 19, 2012
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