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I read in a book the phrase 「なんとも」...it was in a doraemon - comic...is it the same as nandemo?
Feb 20, 2012 5:18 AM
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There are various ways to write sentence with "nandemo" and "nantomo". I'll try to answer the difference between "nandemo nai / なんでもない" and "nantomo nai / なんともない" "nandemo nai / なんでもない" Person A : You seem a bit down today. Are you OK? What happened? : 今日は元気がないようだけど。大丈夫?何かあった? Person B : Nothing. / Don't care.        : なんでもない This is sort of mental question, and Person B doesn't want to talk about oneself to Person A. "nantomo nai / なんともない" Person A : You've been coughing all day. Are you OK? : 1日中せきをしていたけど、大丈夫? Person B : No problem. / Don't worry. : なんともない(よ) This is sort of physical question, and Person B doesn't want to make Person A worry about Person B. ------------------ Hope this will help :)
February 20, 2012
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