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How they sounds these sentence? The good smell of food arose and flew beside window; then it gone inside and has invaded whole the enviroment. Soon,all were hungry but they couldn't to realize from where this smell came. They watched around everywhere, but anything,none.
2012年2月20日 08:02
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Hi Javier. Thank you, your answer is good; Aroma is better than smell, and your version is more understandable!
I'm not a master and I'm sure Erin anwer is much better than mine but here you have my answer. The nice aroma of food was coming in through out the window and it invaded the whole enviroment. Soon, all of them got hungry, but they couldn't realize where that aroma was coming from. They took a look around everywhere,but they didn't see anything.
The pleasant aroma of food sipped into the window which surrounded the environment inside the room with its smell. Soon, the people were hungry but they didn't know where the smell came from. They looked everywhere but didn't see anything. Have a great day! (I'am an English Tutor.. )
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