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Using the '一。。。就' structure. I just want to check I understand the 一。。。就' structure properly. I think it is used to say 'as soon as...then. To check I have translated 4 example sentences from my book and tried to write a couple of my own. Please can you check them. Thank you. 两点钟一到,老师就进来了。As soon as it hit 2 o'clock the teacher entered 老师一不想教,我们就学不好了。As soon as the teacher doesn't want to teach, we don't learn well. 他爱人一听见他说外国话就想打他。The moment his lover heard him speaking foreign languages she wanted to hit him. 我一看见中国人就不出话来了。The moment I see a Chinese person I cant speak. My own: 我一到家就做了晚饭。As soon as I got home I made dinner. 我一听见他说话就想哭。The moment I heard him speak I wanted to cry. 他一诅咒姐姐,妈妈就生气了。As soon as he swore at his sister, his mother got angry.
Feb 20, 2012 11:15 AM
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you are right, it simply means as soon as.. 我一有消息就通知你。
February 22, 2012
我覺得滿順的,there's no problem
February 20, 2012
That's a bit harder to explain as there is not really a perfect way to translate, In time sentences like that is more about the feeling 才 and 就 carry. 才 means something is not early enough, most often is said as 'until/till' 他8点10分才来, he didn't come until/till ten past 8. 就 means something is early enough.他7点50分就来了.He came/arrived at 7.50 (don't translate 就 here)
February 20, 2012
I meant concerning to time usage. 电影8点钟开始, 他8点10分才来. 电影8点钟开始, 他7点50分就来了.
February 20, 2012
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