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Today, my colleague used a hoist to lift a motor (220 pounds) Hi, everyone! Today, my colleague used a hoist to lift a motor (220 pounds). As the motor moved up from the ground, it started shaking and almost hit the pillar nearby. At this moment, what would you say: 1)."Be careful, don't hit the motor." 2)."Be careful, don't let the motor get hit." Also, I'd like to know if "almost hit the pillar nearby" is a correct usage. Thanks! What if you want to have someone deliver something delicate (ex:glass). What would you say? "Be careful, don't hit it" or "Be careful, don't let it get hit"?
Feb 20, 2012 12:02 PM
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i would say "watch out for the pillar" allthough both answers you gave in the examples are acceptable as for"almost hit the pillar nearby" i would insert"you almost hit that pillar" i think this explains it better as both the parties are aware of the location of the pillar, and adding you explains the actions of the scene better. i hope that helps, im not a teacher but for a native speaker i think this sounds better.
February 20, 2012
You have a handle on how to use the statement about hitting the motor. In a moment of importance, it is expected that you may have words come out incorrectly. "Watch out!" or "hey!" or "Careful!"- anything to get the job of having him notice the issue works. But if you must do it in proper English, all your examples are solid. The object staying still is what is getting hit though. That is why you are hitting the pillar, not the motor. (You almost hit the pillar.) As for the glass, "Be careful, keep it keep it from hitting anything."
February 20, 2012
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