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'or' or 'nor' ? I never saw or heard of him. I never saw nor heard of him. Which of the above sentences is correct?
Feb 21, 2012 2:28 AM
Answers · 6
Neither are correct. If you have never heard of somebody you don't have to say that you haven't seen them. You just say 'I have never heard of him'.
February 21, 2012
Technically, the second one is correct. Although, if you are talking about someone you were expecting to see, it should be "from him": I never saw, nor heard from him. If are trying to say you don't know who someone is, it would be: I have never seen, nor heard of him.
February 21, 2012
Try not to be this anal. Let's say, they are actually totally the same.
February 21, 2012
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