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Translate the following passage into English: 什么是平板电脑? 平板电脑是一种无线的,便携式的触摸界面电脑,他比一般的笔记本电脑要小,但比智能手机要大。 平板电脑可以180度旋转,也就是重力感应,平板电脑的这种特质使得用户可以多种方式输入,当然,除了外接键盘以外,比如,用触笔或手写输入都行。 平板电脑使用的是屏幕上的虚拟键盘,没有实体键盘,但是一般的都可以外接键盘。 目前,国内一般的平板电脑都带无线上网功能,部分较贵的带3G上网功能,无线上网要求所在地必须有无线信号。无线上网在国外基本可行,上网非常方便,所以平板电脑在国外非常畅销。
Feb 21, 2012 3:41 AM
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What is a Tablet PC? The Tablet PC is a wireless, portable touch interface computer which is smaller than the average notebook computer, but larger than a smartphone. The Tablet PC can be rotated 180 degrees with a gravity sensor - such characteristics of the Tablet PC allows the user a variety of ways to enter data, in addition to an external keyboard, for example, using a stylus or handwriting recognition. Tablet PC uses a virtual keyboard on the screen as there is no physical keyboard, but can generally employ an external keyboard. At present, generally available Tablet PC's within the country have wireless Internet access, some of the more expensive with 3G Internet access, WIFI access is dependent upon a wireless signal. Outside of the the country, wireless Internet access is a basic function, going online is easy, tablet PCs are very popular in foreign countries.
February 21, 2012
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