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who does know joking in english? that is my work from my english teacher 。i hope it is a authentic joking english-speaking like!thanks!
Feb 21, 2012 2:03 PM
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1: Paddy and Murphy went into a round room. Paddy tried to sit in the corner. 2: Paddy and Murphy sat down on the floor. Paddy Fell off. 3: Paddy's neighbour Murphy had a dog that wouldn't stop barking all day and all night. Murphy was a mean old bugger that kept the poor thing tied up to a tree all alone. One night, lying awake in bed Paddy said to his wife 'That's it, I've had enough of that dog, I am going to do something about it!' and he ran downstairs and slammed the door. His wife worried that Paddy might do something drastic, but 10 minutes later Paddy came back with a satisfied look on his face - but the dog was still barking outside. His wife said 'I don't see what you are so happy about, the damn dog is still making a racket out there', but Paddy said, 'Well my love, I've untied the dog and put him in our yard instead - we'll see how much Murphy likes the noise!'
February 25, 2012
February 21, 2012
February 22, 2012
"Does anyone know any jokes in English?" This is your proper question.
February 21, 2012
"the Joker"
February 21, 2012
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