Isabella Fontes
"Dont be afraid to ask everybody <something, whatever >" in french??? Hi everyone,my question it is how it's in french the phrase: "Dont be afraid to ask everybody <something, whatever >", because im begginer in french language and I dont know conjugate verbs, how "ask" for example. waiting for help.... thanks
Feb 21, 2012 6:09 PM
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"Don't be afraid to ask everybody &lt;something, whatever &gt;" can be translated to:"N'hésite pas à demander (quelque chose) à (quelqu'un)". "N'hésite pas à me demander (quelque chose). The verb "Hésiter" means "hesitate" is here in the imperative forme. n'hésite pas n'hésitons pas n'hésitez pas I hope it helped a little^^
February 22, 2012
hi, ask is "demander" in french. for all the verbs with "er" ending u remove this "er" and u add these endings: 1st person singular "e", 2nd person singular "es", 3rd person singular "e", 1st person plural "ons", 2nd person plural "ez", 3rd person plural "ent".
February 22, 2012
To ask is "demander" in French. Here is a link for how to conjugate it at all the tenses.
February 22, 2012
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