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get back on his rocker "Oh Lord, we thank you for this meal, all your bounty, and we pray that you help Sheldon get back on his rocker. " what does "get back on his rocker "mean here?what does "rocker"mean here?Please give more examples to demonstrate it.
22 de Fev de 2012 às 01:49
Answers · 4
This is from "Big Bang Theory". "And we pray that you help Sheldon get back on his rocker" is a play on the expression "off his rocker", which means "crazy". In other words, the speaker is praying Sheldon returns to his senses. "Rocker" is a noun: 摇轴(套钩,镰刀弯)。 我们祈求您帮助Sheldon重新振作。
22 de Fevereiro de 2012
Hahah I watched that Big Bang episode last night! Sheldon basically goes crazy, doing all these weird things with fish, and a loom, correct? Sheldon was "off his rocker" which means that someone has gone insane, crazy or are acting unusual. praying he "gets back on his rocker" means they wish Sheldon would stop acting so abnormal and return to his old self. other examples of the expression "off their rocker" would be something like: Grandma's off her rocker...She bought a helicopter! -"What is he wearing?!" -"I don't know, but he must be off his rocker"
22 de Fevereiro de 2012
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