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What's your view of the standard TOEFL ibt set for you on your proficiency of English language? I mean is it so comprehensive and effective and fair enough that it really generates a decent idea of how your command of this language is? On particular topics, which are many, for instance those on the Speaking section that asks about favorites etc, don't they merely Americanize everything and persuade test-takers to embrace their ideologies? If you have a chance to construct a test in your mother tongue, which I assume to be any besides English, what particularities would you put into? Would you prefer to make it fair for everyone worldwide by any means or to make it the way that complies more of your own culture and conventions?
Feb 22, 2012 8:44 AM
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It's only a way. A process to get a few people verified, like a tuna can, people who need it. To me these kinds of test are always like a joke. Like I said, social functions are not for fairness, but establishment. I probably can tell whose Chinese is cooler and makes me adore, if I were the examiner, but I can't ABCD them. Unless you take this thing seriously and proly enough like for the media, CCTV hosts or something. To me a man who masters a language is not a man brilliant at rhetorics and poem-like writing, having standard pronunciation, knowing all stories about the language, but who makes himself sexy by using that language. There are people, a homeless, a criminal, they acquire the native skills of their native tongue natively, I mean so compared to them, what's the point of you being bilingual at all? You can't be even as good as them to take a vocabulary test or something. The thing that makes you different from them is you use this language to make yourself unique, not to be common, unlike anyone of its native speakers. Learn philosophy, man. Or at least like you say, keep interested. You'll see how vital languages are to human beings, and what kind of role linguistics plays since Saussure. It's a start. A watershed. At least for myself, I'm gonna have to work hard on them (which I haven't picked up learning) if I'm to be a good storyteller. Philosophy. Linguistics. Semiology. Narratology. And a couple more.
February 25, 2012
I'm more interested to win a best answer on italki rather than give a rat's ass about any of the titles those tests can give you. I never took one but I've met and talked to people that have them. And they sometimes make me wonder what price it's around to buy off the examiners. Some of them can really surprise you. If you find they ask you to accept their ideology, they've simply failed because they have to brainwash you without you realizing it. I just hate those tests I had to take here. BJ, CN. All they can pull out of is keep playing tricks with you. Pity you don't have the chance to embrace the analness of like the postgrad English test. I say let's stop playing tricks and put it simple. Listening part. You say. I'll note down every single word out of your mouth, no abcd tricks. Translating: A Chinese article to English. An English article to Chinese. Writing: 1,000 words. I mean that's called no bullshit, the reason why they don't do that is they can't. People grade the test papers can't even do that. Their skills are not up to a real test so they must play it by tricks that can fool you around yet make you believe the tests deserve their titles and are indeed some Herculean tasks to tackle. So that makes me even feel like your favorites talk or trolling "Americanized ideology". As for "cultural conventions", you can't. Languages is about cultural conventions in a way, it'd not be the language without the "conventions". That's also one of my recent (well maybe 2 years or so) realizations. That's exactly what a language learner most probably lacks -- that's why you can tell those Chinese tests' standard answers for the writing part cannot be written by an American, even without any grammar errors. I hate the character limit.
February 25, 2012
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