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Relieve / Replace 入れ替わる, I am confused by this word's English meaning. At first I thought it meant replaced, where one person is relieved of their duties of a company and leaves while someone else replaces them. I find that sometimes this word means to swap places with someone else. Both persons are still working in the company but do different jobs. How would I know which definition to choose?I also find they use the same phrase in "turnover rate". In English it means the rate at which people leave their jobs and are replaced by someone else. I think this is why it is confusing to know which is the correct meaning
Feb 22, 2012 8:28 PM
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I guess I'd better show some examples of use of "入れ替わる". E:The paintings are changed. J:絵(え)が入れ替わる E:He opened the door, and let in fresh air J:彼(かれ)がドアを開(あ)けたので、空気が入れ替わった E:It's still not changeover time J:まだ入れ替わりの時間(じかん)じゃない E:"Member of board are replaced." J:役員(やくいん)が入れ替わった。 *This "入れ替わる" can be "異動(いどう)になる" 異動になる/異動させられる mean "to be transferred (to other division, branches)". 異動させる means "to make personnel changes"(subject may be your boss). I guess your definitions are closer to the word. When the focus is on the person, "異動" is better When the focus is on the places, "入れ替わり" is better When you say "high turnover rate", you can say both "入れ替わりが激(はげ)しい", and "異動が激しい". By the way, 入れ替わる is an intransitive verb. Perhaps that makes you confused.
February 25, 2012
I m afraid but your first opinion was something wrong. The second one is true. The true meanig of the word is" to swap places with someone else. Both persons are still working in the company but do different jobs". If you want to express "replaced and the former had gone" ,please use the word in the passive voice 「入れ替えられる」. Then the nuance of " by force" will be appeared.Because 「られる」 is the passive. But if you want to express simply the two place was exchanged,irekaeru is correct.
February 23, 2012
To tell you the truth, what's the problem? Could it be the word could be used in either situation? 入れ替わる = to change places; to relieve one another
February 22, 2012
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