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Chang Sheng
Kann ich alleine mehr ich selbst sein? What does that mean for this sentence? Can you help me try another sentence which has the same meaning.
22 Th02 2012 21:26
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我能在独自一人的时候,还保持我自己吗? 有点佛教中“慎独”的意思。 note: 所谓“慎独”,是指人们在独自活动无人监督的情况下,凭着高度自觉,按照一定的道德规范行动,而不做任何有违道德信念、做人原则之事。 Can I still be myself when I am alone?
22 tháng 2 năm 2012
@Pseudonyme You are right. However the sentence is ambivalent. Another explanation could be: "Can I be even more myself, when I am alone?" There are very few words in German which have a bunch of different meanings. This sentence contains three of them: "allein[e]", "mehr" and "selbst".
24 tháng 2 năm 2012
Chang Sheng
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