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如何解释这个语法?谢谢。 Had Lincoln lived today, he would be a football coach`s dream ,a great tackle, a speed end.这是个虚拟语气的倒装句,还原成非倒装就是If Lincoln had lived today, he would be a football coach`s dream, a great tackle, a speed end.但是虚拟语气中,对过去的虚拟从句用过去完成时,主句用would, should, could, might have done吗?为什么这句话中的主句部分直接用了would be,而不是would have been呢?
Feb 23, 2012 3:42 AM
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Strictly speaking, yes, you're right here. But the whole trouble is that they, the natives, don't really take your grammar rules here so seriously. Actually you can find people make a lot of "subjunctive" errors, spoken or written, according to your English grammar book.
February 25, 2012
据我看来,这句话的主句应该用would have been。 虚拟语气中,对过去的虚拟从句用过去完成时。 If Lincoln had lived today, he would have been a... 别的写法是用一般过去时If Lincoln were alive today, he would be a... Past Unreal Conditional [If ... Past Perfect ..., ... would have + past participle ... ] Present Unreal Conditional [If ... Simple Past ..., ... would + verb ...]
February 23, 2012
Rules were born to be broken!
February 23, 2012
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