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who can introduce me a website about english movies or TV series without chinese
Feb 23, 2012 8:39 AM
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That's a bad question. Trust me the best ones in the world are those you already know. Those Chinese websites or watch-online programs. You know, the copyright issue and stuff. The most popular service statesides is netflix, or hulu. But unfortunately, they're pay-stuff (netflix) and unavailable on the other side of the earth. As for those torrent sites, either their dvd or bluray rips suck compared to those by them China's sites. Those HD groups as you know (actually have the best quality in the whole damn world and even upload original bluray pretty often) usually have no subs, but I don't think your discs and patience could take the size just for the sake of English-training or routine spare time "consumption". Some copies have the subs "printed" on the video, that's a pain because you can't do anything except using specific softwares to reburn it and cut the black bars, to small files the converting should be quick, though. Or you can adjust the display aspect ratio, using some players' native function as far as I know, but at the sacrifice of some loss of the width. Option 3 might sound silly but absolutely doable - don't full-screen the vid but try to max-occupy the screen, which almost has no difference as the full size in effect, then find a picture or anything, adjust the size, as big as the black bar and drag it onto the player to cover the sub. Other than those, to rips having the subs attached to the video as independent files, you could try klite, or any other sub controllors you can find to switch to not showing them. btw I used to have pure deja vu pretty frequently, now only suffering severe sleep disorder and my unbelievably many dreams.
February 25, 2012
Hi, you can watch free movies with subtitles see: and you can also Watch CNN News online for free Various TV channels for free: You can also watch The Daily English Show here: Listen to speeches on line about a variety of current issues at: Watch Star Trek episodes free online
February 23, 2012
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