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How do you say "I feel like I'm going to cry" while maintaining this form: 잃을 것 같습니다 ??
2012年2月23日 12:54
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That form is very popular using form of korean '~(Verb)할 것 같습니다' '할 것', '~을 것' These are mean 'occur in near future' syn ' be going to' '같습니다' is self-prediction of doing oneself. syn 'feel like', ' would like to' So, In summary I'll show you structural analysis with completed answer. I feel like ( I'm) going to cry 나(는) ~ 같습니다 doubled Subject ~(할) 것 울다 But directly connect these vocabularies, it isn't natural form of korean sentence. Normally ( ) is unnecessary thing but Help your apprehend structure, I'll remain it 나는 울(다)(~할) 것 같습니다 -. 나는 울 것 같습니다 cf. '잃'다(conjugated form like 잃을 잃으니(깐) etc) korean verb mean losing it. '잃' is core part of verb, So I want to stress on it. If you check out Korean Grammar book, there are many usages of verb extension.
나는 울 것 같습니다. Mais ce sera plus parfait de dire comme "눈물이 나올 것 같습니다"(poli) ou "눈물이 나올 것 같아요"(plus common) 생각이 날 것 같습니다. quand quelqu'un vous interroge ou est le crayon apres vous en avoir apporte de chez votre ami , par exemple. 그의 이름이 생각날 것 같습니다. J'ai son nom sur le bout de la langue 그가 올것 같다 Il parait qu'il viennes 그가 올것 같지 않다(negation) Il paraît douteux qu'il vienne.
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