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why in french grammar they use "son" for "peid"=foot but use "ses" for "mains"? have problem with possessives
Feb 24, 2012 9:35 AM
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hi Look, if "pied" is singular so they use son, like: son pied. But if it s plural so they use ses, like: ses pieds. For using possessives, first u should see for who you will use it? First, second or third person (singular or plural), then see if the name is masculine or feminine or plural. Check these examples. ............... chaussures (je) - "chaussure" is plural and you should use possessives for "je" which are "mon", "ma", "mes". mes is the answer so you should say "mes chaussures. ............. livre (tu) - "livre" is masculine, plural and you should use possessives for "tu" which are "ton", "ta", "tes". ton is the answer so you should say "tonlivre. Hope it was helpful, by the way ready for answer your questions
February 24, 2012
My trick is to learn them like a song: "mon ma mes" - mine mine mine "ton ta tes" - yours yours yours "son sa ses" - his his his (or hers hers hers). They are in a specific order : masculine first, feminine second and last is plural (no matter which gender). So when you need one, repeat the song util you hit the one you need. It will become easy. Mary was right, "pied" is singular and masculine, therefore "son pied" (HIS or HERS) but if you had said "pieds" that would be pural, therefore "ses pieds". So for "main" - singular, feminine, it's "sa main" (HIS or HERS) but "mains" plural is "ses mains".
February 24, 2012
Thank you Mary for your nice answer. i am beginner in learning french. i hope learn it as soon as possible.
February 24, 2012
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