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Are these three exactly the same? thanks The kids huddled around me, listening to my story..... They were all ears. They pricked up their ears. They had their ears pinned back.If neither of them sounds OK, what would you say in daily life?
25 de Fev de 2012 às 04:56
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Kat poses some interesting answers, not wrong at all but interesting references to animals. all mean the same thing, generally. to say: "They were all ears." means full attention, who ever it is that has become all ears has given you their full attention. "They pricked up their ears." would mean something along the lines of 'they,' who ever they are heard something and started to pay attention. This sentence is a bit 'poetic' and would probably not be said in your standard conversation - perhaps in the south (southern America, Texas). "They had their ears pinned back." could refer to another form of attention, like when a speaker says something amazing or astounding the listeners the become "all ears" and in that sense they could have "their ears pinned back." Or this could be a reference to a violent act like a fight where someone was 'taught a lesson' (scolded or even chided like with an adult to a child) or it could mean that someone literally had their ears pined back as in cosmetic surgery. In this situation i would say they are all ears. best, Nick
25 de Fevereiro de 2012
They were all the best BTW, they pricked their ears. No "up".
25 de Fevereiro de 2012
"They were all ears." = The children gave their full attention to the speaker. "They pricked up their ears." = Dog ears standing straight up because the dogs have heard something interesting. "They had their ears pinned back." = Dog ears hugging the skull because the dogs are being scolded.
25 de Fevereiro de 2012
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