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Lam Cozy
Could you please help me to edit the essay below? People everywhere usually holding a book, newspapers, or an e-book to read whenever they are free. So why do people like reading? What are the advantages of reading? In fact, there are three main benefits of reading. In the first place, it goes without doubt that reading is the best way to gain knowledge. Through reading you can learn about history, culture, tradition, and people from different parts of the world, and the development of other countries. For example, by reading Chinese economic books, you can learn about the economic growth in China. Secondly, reading can improve your vocabulary. While reading, you go through many different new words, and the context usually gives the general meanings of the words. Sometimes you are forced to check the words in order to understand the whole reading. In addition, you will see the words that you have just learnt appear repeatedly. Therefore, they impress in your deep memory. Finally, to improve your thinking process is also a great benefit of reading. When you read you need to use your brain to think about the details. In other word, while you are reading, your brain is exercising. All things considered, you can enhance your knowledge, expand your vocabulary, and develop your thinking ability by reading. In my opinion, reading is so important that we should do it as a habit. Tittle: Benefits of Reading
2012年2月26日 03:55
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Hi Lam, please post it in Notebook, it will be easier to correct.
When people have free time, they can be seen everywhere reading books, newspapers, and e-books. It goes without saying that... or, reading is without doubt... or better, reading is certainly the best... you encounter a variety of new words, ... sometimes you must look up the meaning of new words to comprehend a passage. when you see new words repeatedly, they are easier to remember. reading is greatly beneficial for improving your thought processes. In other words,... In my opinion, it is important to read frequently.
Lam Cozy
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