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句式杂揉。。。 confused 大家好 the sentence 医生: 你要多喝水,多休息 i thought we would write it as 医生:你要喝很多水,很多休息 i am a little confused, some help would be appreciated Thanks
Feb 26, 2012 7:43 AM
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March 17, 2012
February 28, 2012
杂揉? 不如說 混淆. 混淆: 擾亂觀念、事物,使人無法分辨。
February 27, 2012
You'd prefer to choose the previous one, cause it is correct here. For the quantity is just used to adv. not the adj. here. The doctor advised that take some water much times and no means that should drink much water at once time. I wish I express clearly and help you. If my expression is not nature, please correct me. Thanks.
February 27, 2012
Just remember these ways of saying, because these are what the native speakers are using. Language is nothing but a habit... as long as you could make good communications with native speakers..... you would definitely be disappointed if asking chinese pass-by how much grammer he or she knows... Do not focus too much on grammers, especially on the earlier stage of learning. There are many people unschooled, they cannot read and write, but speak fluently.... Of course, except you want to be an expert in that language and culture... that'll be another case.
February 26, 2012
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