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What are the part of noun phrases?
2012년 2월 26일 오후 10:25
Answers · 2
1) The essential parts of a noun group A noun group consists or at least the following elements: a determiner and a noun. 2) Other parts of a noun group. A noun group can also contain one or more modifiers; a modifier is an adjective, an adjectival phrase, a secondary noun, a prepositional phrase or a relative clause. The principal noun in a noun group is called the head noun. Check this site: I hope it helps.
2012년 2월 27일
Nouns, of course. It can be modified by an adjective or another noun. Here's an example: A boy and his younger brother were playing a ball. A noun phrase here is 'a boy and his yonger brother'.
2012년 2월 26일
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