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庚 泽
get to someone ? He resolves not to let them get to him. I don't understand this expression. _ so generally speaking, what is "get to him " ?
27 февр. 2012 г., 2:13
Answers · 3
Think of someone trying to annoy you. If he is successful then he "gets to you". Sometimes people don't have to try to annoy you. They do things that can get to you after a while. Isn't that right!
27 февраля 2012 г.
If it's used as an idiom, "he is not going to let them get to him" means he has decided that he is not going to let them upset him or make him mad. Their teasing or bullying is not going to upset him emotionally. He is going to ignore their efforts to bother him.
27 февраля 2012 г.
"He resolves not to let them get to him." There are two possible meanings. Let's use your black kitten in your profile picture for the example. 1) The cat climbs a tree. It resolves not to let the dog GET TO IT or REACH IT. 2) The cat and the dog magically become human beings. The dog is always saying horrible things about the cat. The cat resolves not to let them (the whole pack of dogs) GET TO HER or UPSET HER.
27 февраля 2012 г.
庚 泽
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