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am I rude ? Hi, everyone , this is Elaine, a freshman majoring in French and international trade.I met this English guy from our local English conor and he asked my number so I gave it to him ,I never though he'd turn out to be such a prick (excuse my language,but I can't help it ) Did I do anything wrong ? I need ur opinion,plz. thx I just don't understand why he said things like that ? Can anyone help me ? here's how the message goes.{E is me ,J is him) J:I'm in Chengdu now. E:Have a good time in Chengdu then, there r loads of things worth seeing in Chengdu. J:thx ,it's a very nice place, no doubt. E:U can say that again,I like its laid-back atmosphere unlikeother rushie rushie big cities og China.B sure not to miss the local snacks. J:I don't like the local snacks , the insides of a cow ,cow entrails hot pot ,but the parks ,ppl r great. E: I'm sure there r other edible snacks ,enjoy the rest of ur stay in Chengdu. J:hehe ,the potato spring rolls r very good.I think u r seriously a Chines Da Shan for English ,Study english literature masters ,otherwise u might forsake a brilliant talent. E: thx for ur compliment ,but I'm merely scratching the surface of english , still have a long way to go (I'm not being modest),and just because I don't specialse in English , doesn't mean I will end up doing sth totally irrelevant to it. J:No ,but lots of ppl work in English related fields.Still , if u want to keep scratching the surface. E:I'm afraid u r mistaken , I'm not saying I wanna keep scratching the surface of English , my point is u don't necessarily have to major in a certain subject to become good at it. Besides ,there r lots of selective english literature courses one can take. J:that's why I said masters , its one year only , I already know u r not majoring in English , but French. J: In england or America etc it's only one year ,thats my point,to be a master means one year , not a course. a course is scratching the surface, no ?Anyway ,ur choice, good luck. E:Gotta finish Bachelor degree first, might give it some serious thought ,but shouldn't there be more to life than pursing a degree? J:I really find messaging with annoying.Did u not learn any manners?I start off with a compliment , a big one ,then some friendly advice, A master is one year only but I don't care about u or ur degree. Just go away , don;t message me. J: I really don't care what u do ,don;t wanna waste my time messaging with ppl like u . J: just fuck off in other words. E: what do u expect me to say then ? Is speaking my mind a sin now?I can't for the life of me see which part of my reply is rude.It's a shame that I should knew u in the first place. J:u r too stupid to see when u have no manners E:So this all end up being a personal attack in the end? that's what u wanna do? I cant iamgine an english teacher saying "F" word to a girl just because she differs with him. J:iTS a good's me who regrets knowing u ,u r just a sad product of a sad system. J: No manners ,just good at english. And u don't know me at all. E:it's u who r being judgy? why don't u take a look at ur self before accusing me? J: u just have no manners , its in ur way of speaking,U learnt english very well ,but the subtle stuff u dont get.
Feb 27, 2012 6:46 AM
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No Elaine, you weren't rude, "J" was. The conversation was going well but at some point. "J" decided that he/she didn't want to speak to you anymore because you disagreed with him/her. This person is not worth your time.Think of it as a learning experience.
February 27, 2012
I'm afraid u r mistaken - some people hate hearing that, though I don't think it's rude.
February 27, 2012
Hey, I'm afraid to say but this is just how English people are. You did not do anything wrong. Whether English or American, every English-speaking country is full of idiots, unfortunately. I feel sorry for you that you had to met this guy. I recommend you look for non-native speakers with a brilliant English to help you if you ever want international friendships or improving your English. In this world, we have to kinds of people. Normal, intelligent, decent ones and English-speakers. One of the unwritten laws of our world.
February 29, 2012
You weren't rude, but mind you, some English people mean "Do it or be prepared to justify yourself" when they suggest something. So if you're talking with an English person who's giving a piece of advice, you can say "Thanks, I'll think about it".
February 27, 2012
Nope, you weren't being rude. It looks as if J wanted you to follow his advice (to puff up his own ego), and didn't like the fact you had a different opinion. Some people throw a tantrum when they realise they can't tell someone what to do.
February 27, 2012
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