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Dich vs. Dir ? Mich vs. Mir ? Hi. I am so confused about the function of Dich, Dir and ... . Please help me differentiate them and what are the rest for the other pronouns of " ich, du, Sie, {er,sie,es}, Wir, ihr, sie" ? Please give an example as well so I can understand this better.
27 Th02 2012 08:23
Answers · 2
Here's a table: There are two main principles for cases (accusative, dative): 1) The verb determines which cases are necessary. I recommend to learn to whole pattern together with each verb. "jemanden (accusative) lieben": Ich liebe dich. "jemandem (dative) etwas (accusative) geben": Ich gebe dir das Buch." A good dictionary should explain those patterns. 2) In connection with pronouns, the dative is often used for a location, and the accusative for a direction: Ich stehe im (in + dem, dative) Wasser. Ich springe in das (accusative) Wasser.
27 tháng 2 năm 2012
dich = accusative dir = dative Learn them yourself.
27 tháng 2 năm 2012
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