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"to deliver the new rich", ect. In Jeffrey Archer's "Kane & Abel", there is one paragraph as follows: In Boston, Massachusetts, there is a hospital that caters mainly for those who suffer from the diseases of the rich, and on selected occasions allows itself to deliver the new rich. The mothers rarely scream, and they certainly don't give birth fully dressed. would anyone help me to explain the following: 1. suffer from the diseases of the rich 2. to deliver the new rich 3. don't give birth fully dressed thanks a lot,
Feb 27, 2012 9:09 AM
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The fact that they don't give birth fully clothed means that they birth is planned and probably by Cesarian section (an operation to remove the baby, not through the birth canal.) A poor mother would be much more likely to give birth suddenly and have to deliver in a rushed mode, so that they could not change their street clothes to a hospital gown. Deliver the new rich - deliver a baby to a rich family. That baby would be the next generation of rich people - a new rich person. Diseases of the rich would be "sicknesses" that a poorer person wouldn't bother about - cellulite removed by liposuction comes to mind.
February 27, 2012
Wow. I would like to read more. This is cleverly written. I feel that "the women do not scream and they deliver babies not with their cloths on" means... They are not in pain, this is because of drugs provided, not because it should not hurt. If this was written recently, the diseases (plural) of the rich are anything that we would not go to the hospital for... Depression, anxiety, stress, anger, drug abuse (interventions) alcohol abuse, sex addiction.... This place may be nothing more than a professional "pity party". This is where people say "oh you poor thing, Life is so hard for you, I know. Your life is so unfair. I would hate to be in your shoes"
February 27, 2012
In the old days, suffer from the diseases of the rich meant diseases associated with overeating, indulgence in too much alcohol. etc. I think gout was one, probably diabetes in a time when only the rich could afford sugar based foods. to deliver the newly rich means to deliver the babies of rich people or the newly rich or born rich. I think giving birth fully dressed means just what it says. Maybe someone else knows?
February 27, 2012
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