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they all melt into one,.? The context is like this: This man and his gf were on the way to his classmate's wedding, while they were talking about who'd attend the wedding as well.. and then they mentioned the man's ex would also be there. This man explained to his gf that that girl was not actually his ex.,, just old friend. but they fell out for a while, and since then, they hadn't seen each other for years. so his gf said to him : " They all melt into one, so did you have a thing with her ? " Now, I have two questions about the text. One is what did the woman refer to "they" that all melt into one ? Two is "did you have a thing with her" , is it the same as " did you have anything to do with her in the past ?" thanks for your answer
2012年2月27日 09:55
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Going from the context of this statement, I would guess that when the women says "they all melt into one," that means "you don't distinguish between ex-girlfriends and old friends." The women seems to be commenting on the lack of difference between how the man defines his old female friends as opposed to his old girlfriends. It is not a super common phrase, but it is something that a native speaker could understand. An example of using this phrase/meaning in a different context: I am taking a history class and I can't distinguish between the different leaders of a certain historical empire, so I could say "I have such a hard time remembering all the leaders. They all melt into one for me." "Did you have a thing with her" probably means "did you have a romantic/sexual relationship with her?" In English, we often use "to have a thing with somebody" to mean "to have a romantic/sexual relationship with somebody." Examples of using this phrase/meaning in different contexts: I had a thing with Susan before she left. Did you have a thing with my girlfriend before I met her? Do you still have a thing with her after all these years?
I think she would say that because she wants him to be honest about the next question. She is saying " Because it is just memories, I know this is blurry- because these are just memories this next question really does not matter to me (lie.) So now that I have said that, did you or did you not have a romance with this &$#@?
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