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What is the different between in, im, bei, von, um, am, an, zu? I get difficulty to put them correctly in a sentence. So, please help me to differ the function of those words. I will really appreciate you if you write it in English because knowing that my Deutcsh is still bad. Vielen dank :)
Feb 27, 2012 2:20 PM
Answers · 2
I'll give you some partial answers and advise you to go to's german area to read more in depth about the prepositions. in - (you are walking INTO the church -- action/) im - contraction for 'in dem' which is the dativ for masc/neuter ) you are IN (inside) a church bei - (at) such as I'm at Debbie's house. I'm at my company picnic. von and vom (von dem - dativ) - um - around, or used in time. Let's go around the city (um die Stadt). They are coming at 3:00 (um 3 Uhr). an (and am - dativ for masc/neuter) - ON in a verticle sense. The clock is on the wall (Die Uhr ist an der Wand). I hang the clock ON the wall -- denotes action so accusative (Ich hänge die Uhr an die Wand) zu (and zum - dativ for masc/neuter) - We're going to church (Wir gehen zu der Kirche). I may be mixing up some of my genders but hope this helps you somewhat or at least gives you more resources.
February 27, 2012
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